SIOCADDRT:No such device [failed] eth0 is a virtual device with no /dev entry. It refers to the first detected network card in your system. The reason the kernel can't find this device is because you forgot to add support for your network card in the kernel. The kernel detected the card but doesn't have a …

Dec 06, 2017 SIOCADDRT: No such device · Issue #372 · hwdsl2/setup Apr 25, 2018 SIOCADDRT: No such process => How do I set up ifcfg-eth0:0 Mar 21, 2014

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Unable to set up a static host route - “SIOCADDRT: No such process” Do I need to set up static routes between routers for bi-directional device access? 0. How to add a second router to LAN for certain destinations. 1. Route internet traffic through one nic and local traffic through a second nic. SIOCADDRT: No such device - Jan 16, 2010 Xen: How to fix “SIOCSIFADDR: No such device” - The Guild

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Aug 11, 2015 · INTERFACE-NAME: Specify interface name such as eth0; For example if your router IP address is type the following command as the root user: # route add default gw eth0 OR use hostname such as dsl-router: # route add default gw dsl-router eth0 Jan 03, 2011 · Understanding SIOCADDRT: File exists Message. SIOC: Serial Input Output Controller. ADD: ADD (addition). RT: RouTe (routing ip). File exists – Routing is already configured so delete wrong one and add the new one. Display Current Routing Table