At first, you need to connect the Cisco router into power. After that, you need to attach the Console cable to your Cisco router. Next, power up that Cisco router model without delaying too much time to proceed further. Step 2:

Connecting to the Router with PuTTY - YouTube Oct 27, 2014 How to connect a Cisco router behind an MX84? - The Meraki Hi. I need to connect a Cisco router behind an MX84. The router belongs to another company, so I can't configure or get access to it. The router has a public IP Address (from my Public IP Addresses Scope) assigned to a WAN interface and I need to connect this interface to one of … Cisco Connect Setup Software 1.4.11299.1 Download - TechSpot

How to Connect to Cisco ASA? – Router Switch Blog

You can connect either a trunk port or an access port to a router. If you choose to use an access port, the router will form an adjacency only over the VLAN defined in that access port. If you choose a trunk port, you can use dot1q encapsulation on subinterfaces to form adjacencies over multiple VLANs.

I have searched on here but can't find the exact answer i am looking for. I have a cisco 1760 router and a 2950 switch. The router has an ethernet wic card added so i have two ethernet connections available. I would like to connect the cable modem gatway to the router through one of the ethernet connections on the router and then to the switch.