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Linksys Official Support - Setting up a Linksys router For Linksys Wi-Fi Routers and Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers, it is recommended to use the Linksys Connect Software. To know the steps on how to set up a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router using Smart Setup, click here. QUICK TIP: If you are unsure about the type of Internet connection you have, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Wireless and WiFi Routers: Ultimate Home WiFi - Linksys Linksys MAX-STREAM wireless routers and accessories, as well as the latest WRT router, harness this technology for an optimal streaming experience. Additionally, Media Prioritization features from our app-enabled routers allow you to assign top priority to gaming and streaming devices.

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1. Turn off the second router so there is no confusion. Set up the first (main) router so that the CHANNELS used are FIXED rather than automatic, for both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ. Write down what the CHANNELS are. Typically to access the first router it is at IP address, just type that into a browser as the URL to connect to it. 2. How to Reset Linksys Router | Linksys Router Setup Follow these steps for Linksys router setup: Check that your computer should connect to the network, and then you need to attach the Cable modem to the WAN or Internet port of the router. Now connect your computer to the port in the router. For the wireless PC, you need to use Ethernet. Plug the power adapter of your router to the electricity

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You don't connect that way. first off the Verizon router is primary, it gets DNS then you take an ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports (there are 4 LAN ports & 1 wan port) on the Verizon router and then place that into the linksys wan port. however you must place the linksys router in access point mode in order for it to assign IP addresses. Linksys : | Basic Setup your Linksys Wireless Jul 06, 2018 How to Install Your Linksys Wireless Router - YouTube Sep 16, 2008