2. On the WiFi screen, tap on the More (3 dots icon) to open a drop-down menu.. 3. From the drop-down menu, tap on the Advanced option.. 4. On the Advanced screen, scroll down and take a look at IP Address section. In case there is no IP Address listed and it says Unavailable, it confirms that your Android Phone is unable to obtain Routers IP Address for some reason.

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Hello everyone, we recived complaints from customers that their PCs can't obtain IP address from remote DHCP server (the DHCP server and clients are not in same subnet), we confugred ip helper-address to let the client reaches the remote DHCP server, we have captured ip accounting output from router, the odd thing is we observed the DHCP discovery packet to the remote DHCP server is with 0.0.0

Static IP not working in Windows 10. DHCP will work when Dec 11, 2019 HP Scan IP Address Issue. Please Help Please? - HP IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway IP for printer for HP Setup . This is what I gave to the IT Support guy yesterday and he did change a few things in the router to make the IP address work. I'm not sure where to find the starting and ending DHCP address on the router though?

Nov 05, 2019

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