PHP: html_entity_decode - Manual

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One of the most powerful features of PHP is the way it handles HTML forms. The basic concept that is important to understand is that any form element will automatically be available to your PHP scripts. Please read the manual section on Variables from external sources for more information and examples on using forms with PHP. Here is an example

Aug 28, 2015 What is the difference between PHP and HTML? - Quora Here you go, practical demo time: If you’ve got a webpage you want to display a message on: ‘Hi There!’, here’s how you would do it in HTML: [code ]


PHP and HTML interact a lot: PHP can generate HTML, and HTML can pass information to PHP. Before reading these faqs, it's important you learn how to retrieve variables from external sources. The manual page on this topic includes many examples as well. What encoding/decoding do I need when I pass a

The "function" you have is server-side.Server-side code runs before and only before data is returned to your browser (typically, displayed as a page, but also could be an ajax request).. The form you have is client-side.This form is rendered by your browser and is not "connected" to your server, but can submit data to the server for processing. PHP to HTML Converter | Neurobin This is a simple script/tool written in python (3.4) to convert PHP scripts to static HTML pages. The goal is to convert an entire PHP website residing in localhost to a static HTML website altogether. This conversion can be done on a directory containing a website as well as on a single PHP script. How can I echo HTML in PHP? - Stack Overflow Good pracitice say to separete your logic from view (like in MVC). use templetig engine like Twig to separete your view from script logic - Insted of implementing your html markup to your php script do it other way round. Implement php variables to twig temple. Using CSS with PHP Tutorial - Learn HTML, CSS and jQuery Jan 12, 2015